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Innovation Platform – Engaging

Innovation Platform engages with leaders who want to ‘get ahead of the curve’and to be purposeful about their contribution to society.  These leaders are individual citizens, family members, in public organizations, private companies, or non-profit organizations – each acting within their zone of influence.

These leaders recognize that, although small and sometimes seemingly insignificant, their individual actions also influence our larger society in some way.  The total of many small actions makes a big influence!

But if we want to be purposeful about our contribution to the society that we want to be a part of, then what is that contribution? What and how do we innovate to improve it? And what is the society that we want to be a part of?  We expect that the answers will encompass the persons, the natural environment and built/artificial environments and the knowledge of that society, as well as the governance and production systems we use to create the desirable outcomes – but beyond that, what would we do differently than we do now?  If the current systems are perfectly designed to deliver what we have now, then how might they be configured to deliver what we realize we want to create?

These are key questions we ask in the course of our learning engagements. If we accept that we don’t know the answers, at least not completely, then these can be rich opportunities to ‘learn our way there’, to add to the knowledge platform. Like most learning journeys, the answers are the best we can do for now, and we will move further over time. In the Knowledge Centre, we’ll share what we’ve learned – particularly how we think flourishing societies behave and develop, and how innovation in and of complex systems like a society can be tackled purposefully. All information is shared as Creative Commons.

Learning Engagements can take different forms – here are a few:

  • Provocateur conversations with small groups, to explore different topics related to Contributing to Flourishing Societies, or Innovation in and of complex situations.  These can take the form of keynotes, teams looking for some new ways to look at an issue, professional development sessions, hands-on workshops, and salon dialogues as well as webinars or audio podcasts that invite comments;
  • Clarity Mapping, whiteboard and co-design sessions that help leaders clarify complex situations and how different ways forward could make different contributions to society;
  • Learning projects, to better understand the potential linkages between a company’s or non-profit organization’s mission-directed activities and a flourishing society or one of the precursors – a surviving society, a coping society.

If you have an idea you’d like to explore, please contact us!

Innovation Platform is a social enterprise, a not for profit organization established as a Part 9 corporation.