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Growing a Knowledge Platform


Welcome to Innovation Platform!

Over time we’ll be growing a Knowledge Platform on how we all can be more purposeful about our contribution to the society we want to be a part of. We’ll use blogs and reports to share thinking and findings – both ours and others’. Blogs may be authored by one of us, by guest bloggers, or may be the artifact of a co-design project, a collaborative dialogue or other ways we’ve used to bring people together. The topics will be wide ranging and include such topics as ‘What is a society and what are its core elements? How do societies change and What is the trajectory of a society that develops a virtuous spiral? What do we mean by Knowledge? and how does it develop to provide greater and greater value in making choices and decisions?

Part of our challenge is the information we need to be purposeful about growing a society that we want to be a part of comes from many different fields.  One of the big benefits of our current way of developing knowledge  – in silos of specialized fields, is that we have very deep knowledge.  One of the big problems that grows bigger and bigger (a vicious spiral in living systems) is that all the threads to engage an issue in a way that has a hope of making a sustainable change is VERY difficult.  But we’ll see where this goes!  It’s an experiment and we’ll test different ways of doing it.

One of the things I’ve learned so far is that, because we are growing a systemic Knowledge Platform, it will not necessarily be a logical development – more like putting seemingly random blobs of paint on a canvas.  Over time the patterns become clearer and we can weave a reflective learning post, that brings common themes together and forms a new platform to build on.

Welcome to the ride! We look forward to getting to know you better and hearing your reaction to the ideas put forward on this site.


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