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Matthias Inc: Connecting for Innovation

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Matthias Inc. specializes in supporting leaders in the public and non-profit sector who are pursuing innovative solutions to complex issues.

We take a systemic approach – exploring the issue from different perspectives and  understanding the array of contributing factors.  This also helps to illuminate the architecture of programs, organizations and sectors.  Purposeful innovation projects can then be grounded in an understanding of the whole system that must evolve, as well as the entire innovation trajectory from concept to routine operation.

In the public and nonprofit sectors, where innovation outcomes are uncertain yet risks must be contained, this evolutionary approach is most effective.

Matthias Inc Consulting Services include:

  • Collaborative design, that helps multiple agencies find their common agenda and best way of leveraging all their contributions;
  • Clarity Idea Mapping, whiteboard sessions that help leaders clarify complex situations and their way forward;
  • Systemic learning evaluations, appropriate for early stage innovation projects,  helps teams to learn from their experience and articulate the emerging program design;
  • Provocateur conversations to help teams identify and disrupt their traditional worldview, important to developing new and more promising solutions;
  • Weaving a larger narrative and overarching Policy or Program designthat emerges from multiple, interrelated projects.

The Services profile for Matthias Inc: Connecting for Innovation  provides further information and examples of projects.

Sharon Matthias, M.Sc., MBA
Pragmatic Provocateur
Edmonton AB
(780) 497 2883

Relationship to Innovation Platform.  Client directed projects are undertaken on a contract basis by Matthias Inc.   Collaborative learning projects focused on understanding Flourishing Societies are undertaken by Innovation Platform, a social enterprise.